Breadfruit Tree – Ending Malnutrition in Tanzania – Hope for the Future!


Each fruit weighs four to five pounds and can satisfy the carbohydrate requirement for a family of four, in addition to providing protein, potassium, riboflavin and other vitamins.

Once large enough, these trees will be distributed through the family islands to farms, environmental groups and into urban back gardens. Extensive planting of fruit trees in backyards will create a virtual urban food forest – transforming neighborhoods into shady, cool places with food sources.

Breadfruit can reduce diabetes, obesity, hypertension, heart disease and high cholesterol.  Because its natural, unprocessed and rich in vitamins,

Breadfruit is an ideal diet food full of antioxidants.  Most importantly, its the perfect food for surviving an emergency.

One fruit can easily promote the carbohydrate, protein of a meal for a family of five.

A mature tree can produce up to a half ton of fruit per year.

125 trees  can yield 30,000 kilos of fruit annually.  The parts of the fruit that are discarded can be used to feed livestock.  The leaves of breadfruit trees can be browsed by cattle. Simple, inexpensive tree can grow to form a sustainable way of alleviating hunger and poverty  world wide and to reduce the dependence on now expensive imported corn ,rice,and wheat.

I Plant trees today to create oxygen.  One tree can make 250 pounds of Oxygen per year.  Enough for one person for an entire year.

Jobs that are created by trees ensure that they stay alive….and create a more forested planet.

Breadfruit can make the difference.

End Malnutrition NOW!

Breadfruit Locations in Tanzania