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To teach marginalized girls and women to create mobile apps for sustainable  development to engage at least 10000 young girls by end of this 2019
to develop ,promote or sell 1000 successful smart  mobile apps for sustainable development by 2019

African malaika solutions to mobile technology high level ,multi lingual courses ,training Young girls and female ict teachers,Training alarge pool of trainers and energetic  trainers girls training girls Identify girl  mobile schools.
Training young girls in developing mobile apps for sustainable development Mobile app competition  following year Encouraging trained students to submit apps for prizes,recognition and employment opportunities for college Girls.
Mobile technology platform that supports educational planning and extends learning and networking.

To inspire the next generation of girls(10-17) in stem
Initiate a culture at Universities like Dar and Nelson Mandela for adopting role models aiming to share and encourage marginalized girls from rural schools to embrace stem careers.
To provide hands on skills stimulating STEM interest in young marginalized girls at an early stage.
Helping girls in re imaging stem with hands on learning experiments interactive sessions and quizzes to help them in  overcoming sterotypical notions they hold about STEM fields and causes
At  present we are working to develop a module for workshops with secondary school marginalized girls to promote stem subjects and inspire them to take up stem careers.

Our model is also to seek out partnerships to create amazing apps for private as well as for non-profit organizations that want to leverage the power of mobile and to extend their reach and effectiveness with their customers or constituents.

build with your users, test, get feedback, improve and repeat. Soon, we’ll have a tool to seed microsavings groups from scratch anywhere in the world – no outside support, capital or programming required.
This is what is so powerful about mobile: it puts the tools of development directly into the hands of the people who need them, allowing them to decide their own priorities and make their own choices about the kind of community they want to build and the kind of local improvements and initiatives they want to undertake. It’s not about creating new technologies, but about giving people free and open access to what we already have – and what we already know works. This is the potential of mobile, as we see it – to reach where traditional projects have not been able to go, easier, quicker and for a fraction of the cost. With mobile, development finally has a chance to scale where it’s needed most.

Code is focused on bringing social and financial resilience to vulnerable communities. We prioritize the strengthening of local systems by using innovative education technologies and data-driven breakthroughs in social ecological design.

App inventor  made with CODE  teaches low income marginalized girls to successfully role model who have overcome poverty family dysfunction and low self esteem.
examples of apps to be created are for
Students in English language and Dictionary


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  1. ESMARTKITABU Mobile Technology platform that supports education planning and extends learning and networking. African Malaika is a initiative born to inspire African girls and plant the seed of local change through social entrepreneurship digital fabrication and regional collobration. Through mobile app ESMART KITABU girls education means a comprehensive change for the society. Helping girls in re imaging stem with hands on learning experiments interactive sessions and quizzes to help them…

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