What to take into consideration when you want to get literature review papers written for your needs

What to take into consideration when you want to get literature review papers written for your needs

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About African Malaika

                                African Malaika

Established to provide interim care for infants in need, the African Malaika Orphanage creates a safe environment where the babies will receive proper nutrition and medical care, as well as all the love and attention they deserve. Since it responds to those found HIV positive, there will be time. when a baby dies; however, that infant will feel loved and secure until its last breath.


We at African Malika Orphanage & Volunteer Organization invite you to come down and volunteer in a way that makes a real impact in the lives of the people of our local community. Our assignments will give you an opportunity to both contribute and to have an experience which will leave you changed forever. You’ll lend a hand through education, care for infants, or working on special projects like building extensions on Orphanages properties and Health Care (Dentists,Medical Assistants and Nurses). You’ll have an opportunity to meet people and make friends in a very unique cross-cultural experience. While you’re here we’ll provide you with room & board, important information on your surroundings and support throughout your stay. Our volunteer coordinators are present daily to assist you. We’ll also point you in the right direction should you wish to explore the natural beauty of these lands.

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Ubuntu 4Tz!

It aims to help nurture new techies startups facilitate networking,stimulate social media and contribute to the economic growth of the community.

All Teachers /students in Tanzania experiencing the joy of social media via technology efficient production easy access to information and common with others use technology to education through social media and enhance stimulate imaginations of a student.

I UbuntuoneLAB4TZ is aimed to -guarantee access to information and communication technologies ( ICT ) to all citizens regardless of their place of residence or social status. -provide access to information and services provided by the regional administrators through the internet. -adopt basic public services,particularly in education and health to the demands and potential of “The knowledge society” IT Techies to launch a new infrastructure management project to ensure that each school received technical support as and when it was needed.


Is teachers and students throughout Tanzania will have access to a stable and easy to use technology environment. Teachers and students can find and share educational information more easily and they can work on more innovative,interactive lessons with an improved IT infrastructure in place.

Measure our Impact:

We have the ability to impact the whole of Tanzania and East Africa in a positive manner.

So far we have impacted northern Tanzania by connecting 11 schools and 2 orphanages and this year will connect to three schools in Dar and go down south to Lindi by the end of 2016 would have connected to many teachers,students and local i techies roughly

10,000 though skype and ubuntu for androids.

Will use ubuntu one for media and will educate and bring awareness to tech community on issues such as health,education, poverty ,illegal drug use and prostitution.

Computers were donated with open source and ubuntu to school and trained techies of each school to enable schools and communities to produce their own digital media following the photography and film class. Project Open source projects -launchpad -solar wifi Ideas Together we bring our own ideas and create solutions to common problems to help make Ubuntu bette across the platform in African and around the world. Discussion is made up of discussion sessions in which we explore problems and develop solutions together,pooling our experience and expertise. Planning Solutions are documented ,specifications are written and work items are assigned across all participating. Collaboration brings together a diverse range of participants and provides the perfect environment for collaboration and best practice setting.

Kickoff Ubuntu Training IUBUNTUONELAB4TZ was the first to launch and host Ubuntu training and on hands at Arusha School primarily aimed at promoting ubuntu and its impact on the community and schools via social media. We managed to get the analogue of local development into place and now more people are interested in knowing more about the impact of mobile technology and ubuntu social impact with android phones

Our next Training and Conference in July 2016

How to create SMS support groups +HIV/aids mothers through social media. Provide social and medical support using the medium of SMS through skype on blackbery/IPAD/android using Ubuntu one and mpesa “womens empowerment intiative  through mobile apps and web technology using free software Ubuntu has to provide.  Come join this Summer July 2016 at Nelson Mandela African Institute Science and Technology  and come CODE and design APPS with girls from Nganana and Nambala school.


Hello world! Here we come with Computers!

Volunteers from the Baltimore/Washington Chapter of World Computer Exchange packed 240 computers into a shipping container on April 10 and sent them off to 3 schools, 3 orphanages and a university library in Tanzania to connect 2,000 youth. The equipment arrived in Dar es Salaam at the end of May adn has been distributed.
Among those assisting in the effort were Fiona Desouza and her husband, Cel, who help support three orphanages that will soon have computer labs for their children. Fiona and Cel made the day-long drive from Buffalo to Washington to witness the packing of the computer equipment and to add a load of clothing and other items for the children she will be visiting in July.
This shipment had a distinctly British flavor. Some of the equipment was donated by the British Embassy in Washington which decided to offer surplus items to WCE rather than send them to a recycling firm for dismantling. And a team from the embassy helped with loading the gear; leading that effort was Simon Shercliff of the embassy staff, who has helped support orphanages in Tanzania since he was posted there several years ago.
Also assisting was the local chapter of the National Association of Black Engineers, whose members had donated their time weeks earlier to test and prepare computers that WCE had been collecting in recent months.
Supervising the event was WCE’s founder, Timothy Anderson. “We’ve sent multiple containers to Tanzania,” he said, “which has allowed us to build trusting relationships with many groups working to improve education throughout the country. As our Partners demonstrate that their efforts and WCE’s assistance combine to produce great results, we will be able to deliver more hope and more opportunities for their young people.”
In addition to the schools and orphanages, recipients of the computers include repeats including the Teachers for East Africa Alumni, Small Industries Development Organization and Tumaini University. “We work with all sorts of groups in developing countries whose leaders know the importance of giving their young people a chance for the future,” Anderson said. “They struggle to find the skills and the money needed to bring 21st-century opportunities to their next generation, and we’re proud to help them in every way we can.”
Implementation Plans for recipient Partners in this container:

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