Paths to Fun Maths training in Tanzania Dar,Zanzibar and Arusha

2-5 day workshop is based on active Paths to Fun Math’s ,

How to move from teacher-centered to more Student-centered Math education.  The 2-5 day workshop is based on active Paths to Fun Math’s  ,with concrete resources that are ready for direct transfer to the participants own classrooms. During this 2-5 day course, participants will learn how to use versatile teaching methods in their classroom and about multiform assessment of Math .
Hoping to uplift the Math level of the Primary Teachers by providing them with the self-access language learning environment and through an integrated series of language enhancement programs.
The plan of 2 Day workshop for  Maths  at  American Corner National Library  to offer courses at different forms and levels to cater for the academic and career needs of students. 

The partnership, between Path to Maths  is a comprehensive multi-stage programme .

Examination results in mathematics subject especially at ordinary level in the country have shown serious failures. Yet ,mathematics is a very basic and a must subject not only for the application to other subjects and disciplines,but also in our daily life.

Arguably,massive failure in mathematics subject at lower levels has a significant implication on the performance of our professionals and our citizen in general.

Low maths performance pulls down students overall results and ruins their chances of progression to the next academic level.

The researcher recommends that the government should motivate Mathematics teachers, increase the number of Mathematics teachers, provide on job training for teachers and improve the quality of teaching and learning environment.

So for the past 5 years African Malaika have been conducting STEM training at the Univeristy of dar es salaam and Zanzibar.

The key objectives are to mitigate a lack of STEM sec- ondary teachers, improve teacher effectiveness, demon- strate cutting-edge research in fellow’s own field of study, and illustrate the practical relevance of STEM learning insolving real world problem. Fellows develop an avoca- tion to contribute to STEM secondary learning, leader- ship, mentoring and effective pedagogy methods.

Our Vision
To empower African women to become impactful leaders and technology innovators through STEM education.

We invest in support programs that facilitate sustainable advancement among African girls by strengthening her capacity for economic self-help and community impact.

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