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African Malaika

inspires girls (7-14 ) to aspire to- wards career in computer science , medical and technology, train them to be- come innovators even at their young age and be positive change agents. Awarded for the technology field. Help Bridge the gap with marginalized be part of this change in socio economics finding female peers with similar interests. Improve early grade literacy and technology in Tanzania.

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501(c)(3) founded in 2011 In our first year, we have provided vocation training to over seventy men and women, teaching them useful and sustainable vocations including: computer science ict training to teachers , sewing and tailoring, cooking and decorating, beekeeping and honey/beeswax production harvesting, and woodworking and small workshops. In all cases, we have provided them with necessary materials and tools for their employment and small businesses.

In addition, we built a community hall — , the only one of its kind in the area with electricity and clean water –, where the communities can gather safely with electricity and clean water to learn and host social events. At the last event, we hosted over 800 hundred people from surrounding villages! We have have also constructed a pipeline running over half a mile providing clean water to over 100one-hundred pre-school students in Temeke Dar es salaam , Mwtara and Lindi.

Our mission is to We create a safe environments where children and adults can study, work hard, work together, and grow. Our motto is “Tunakua,” which is Swahili for “We are growing!” We focus on promoting gender equality, building better schools and facilities, so that all children can receive clean water, food, and education. We do so by donating, we donate resources, like computers and school supplies, while we and we work to bring power and internet services. We also provide financial and social services b,y hiring professionals from the nearest city to come lead the rural communities for in education workshops. We take a holistic approach, always engaging the community, so as to so we truly teach them the skills they want and need!

Two Continents … One Tomorrow, Endless Possibilities”. Together the students will address issues and generate ideas for creating the world they want to live in. The planning and implementation of this experience focuses on build- ing sustainable relationships and partnerships that will grow and expand beyond their time in.

Proposed Projects Rasberry Pi and Rachel to bring health and education

EsmartSolar wifi Equpment is Cost effective , Power Effi-
cent ,Offline resources helping to bridge the gap in technology in the health and education sector.